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George Allen, Vindicated?

Tom Friedman writes today on the need for start-ups and entrepreneurship to bring America out of the recession. I think he’s being incredibly naive, especially when he writes:

Alas, though, relations today between the Obama administration and “business” are pretty strained. I’m not talking about Wall Street, which deserves Obama’s lash. I’m talking about people who actually make stuff and sell it. I am talking about entrepreneurs and innovators.

Except that start-ups and entrepreneurship won’t really take off until exit opportunities for investments, arranged through Wall Street, return. With that said, Friedman quotes from Robert Litan, vice president of research and policy at the Kauffman Foundation, on his idea to spur growth:

Litan said he’d staple a green card to the diploma of every foreign student who graduates from a U.S. university and push for a new meaningful entrepreneurs visa (the current one, the EB-5, requires $1 million of capital that few foreign entrepreneurs have).

I’ve heard that proposal before, except it was in 2006. From George Allen. Here’s a post I wrote for NRO’s Sixers blog in August 2006:

Re: George Allen Panders

I’m not sure “panders” is correct here.  At his pre-macaca debate with Webb last month, Allen highlighted his support for Virginia’s black colleges a few times and seemed quite proud of his record on the issue.  Allen said he was for what he called ”affirmative recruitment” vs “affirmative action” as a way to make up for the impact of slavery. The debate transcript is up, but I can’t cut and paste.  The exchange I’m referring to here can be found on pages 20-24. 


Further, it might surprise some that Senator Allen has gone as far as to call for an automatic green card to accompany the diploma for international students who graduate from American colleges with technology degrees.  (Page 66)


These aren’t the actions and statements of a racist or someone against immigrants coming to America.

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