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Geraldo Threatens to “Make a Pizza” Out of Olbermann

Olbermann should be flattered. Someone’s finally “punching up” at him:

Apparently Geraldo was visiting with 104.1 FM’s Monsters just before Christmas, when they asked him about the time he made international headline for disclosing too much information about troops in Iraq. Geraldo claimed the incident was blown out of proportion, largely by NBC — and specifically Olbermann. Geraldo then began mumbling semi-audible names, seemingly meant to describe Olbermann: “midget … punk … slimeball.”
But then, with the Monsters helpful prodding, Geraldo went a step further, leaving no doubt about what he was saying. He called Olbermann a coward — specifically a “[female part of the anatomy] who wouldn’t walk across the street against the red light.” 
He then said he was ready to fight him, saying: “I would make a pizza out of him.”

In other celebrity feud news, Rosie vs. Trump just got uglier. (h/t Noel Sheppard