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Getting It Right

Ralph Peters this morning in the New York Post:

September 11, 2006 — THE biggest story since 9/11 is that there hasn’t been an other 9/11. According to our hysterical media culture, everything’s always going wrong. The truth is that we’ve gotten the big things right.
On this fifth anniversary of the cold-blooded murder of thousands of Americans by Islamist fanatics, it’s tempting to settle for grand rhetoric honoring our dead and damning our enemies. But the greatest tribute to those lost on that September morning is what we’ve since achieved.
In this vile political season, with those on the left suggesting that our president’s a worse threat to civilization than Islamist terror, the rest of us should just review what’s happened – and what hasn’t:

Read the rest. For those who would decry the bolded passage as a smear against the left, here’s what the Boston Globe’s editorial board had to say today:

In the long run, the reaction of the Bush administration may prove more harmful to the national interest than even these horrific attacks.

It’s no smear, and it’s not relegated to the fringes anymore (h/t Mark Finkelstein).