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Getting Waxed to Save the Environment

Kathryn posted a link in Planet Gore to Harrison Ford getting his chest waxed to highlight the danger of destroying the rain forest.

As opposed to how this destroys the environment:

HARRISON FORD is such a big fan of flying, he demands the risky hobby is accounted for in all his movie contracts.

The Indiana Jones star credits earning his pilot’s license for changing his life and won’t give up his flying ambitions for anything – including shooting scenes on location.

And the 65-year-old is so taken with his sky-high pursuits, he shocked cast and crew on the latest Indiana Jones offering by turning up in a helicopter on the first day of filming.

He tells Maxim magazine, “It’s understood that I’m going to keep flying. And just to make sure, it’s part of my contract.”

Not many hypocrites go the extra mile to have their hypocrisy memorialized in contract form. Kudos, Mr. Ford!
Ford wimped out anyway in getting his chest waxed.  Christopher Hitchens went for a full Brazilian — and that was only as research for a story. Imagine what Hitch would wax if he cared about the rain forest?


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