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Google to Partner with the NY Times and Washington Post?

Rumors from the “Silicon Alley Insider”:

We’re not aware of any definite plans coming out of those meetings, only what one source called “one or two different models that people are curious about.”

They were:

  • A potential agreement in which any time Google’s search crawlers find a Web site carrying New York Times content and Google ads, Google would split the revenue it gets from those ads with the Times.
  • Google would somehow help the New York Times actually embed ads within its text so that when blogs or other Web sites use that text, the ads go with it. We have no idea how Google and the Times would do this. Neither does our source.

A New York Times spokesperson told us: “We have been collaborating with Google for quite some time and we continue to discuss a number of potential projects with them.”

On Monday, the Washington Post reported its CEO, Donald Graham, and Google CEO Eric Schmidt “have been holding talks about a possible collaboration.”


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