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Google’s Fairness Doctrine

This sounds like a good idea:

SAN FRANCISCO: Google is giving the subjects of news stories a way to comment on articles written about them.
The online search leader introduced an experimental feature this week on its Google News Web site in the United States to allow any person mentioned in a news story that is linked there to submit a written response.
A Google employee then must verify the authenticity of the e-mail. Some methods include independently tracking down the subject’s contact information and calling that person directly, or checking the author’s e-mail address and phone number against information on a company or organization Web site.
If the author’s identity is confirmed, the response is posted on the same page as the search results for the story.
The feature helps Google’s news site evolve from being solely an aggregator of news articles to a forum where news subjects – and even the journalists who wrote the stories – can respond publicly to criticisms. The company emphasized that the feature is in the testing phase but could expand to other regions and languages.

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