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Hamas: Jordan or Egypt Likely behind Dubai Hit, Not Israel

Over the past two weeks, much of the world media has been engrossed with the story of the assassination of a senior Hamas terrorist in Dubai. (See here, here, and here for background.) Almost all western media have rushed to blame Israel (without concrete evidence), resulting in Israeli ambassadors being summoned by the governments of Britain, France, Germany, Ireland, and Australia. French President Nicolas Sarkozy called the killing an “outrage.”
Yesterday Dubai authorities even went so far as to announce they will ban persons with Israeli (by which they presumably mean Jewish) features, whatever that means, from entering the country.
But today the daily Al-Quds Al-Araby reported, according to Reuters, that Hamas suspects the security forces of Jordan or Egypt of being behind the assassination. Mahmoud Nasser, a member of Hamas’s bureau, told the newspaper that slain commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was in possession of information “dangerous” to the Jordanian and Egyptian regimes.

So much for the hysterical way many western journalists and governments rushed to blame Israel.

Tom GrossTom Gross is a former Middle East correspondent for the London Sunday Telegraph and the New York Daily News.


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