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That Hawkish Democrat

This is the first good move the GOP has made politically in quite a while. Pushing for a vote on troop withdrawal now is just the right counter to Murtha, that “hawkish Democrat” who has become the media’s latest star performer. Case in point is the AP story linked above, which one reader accurately noted reads more like “something from the DNC.” This paragraph in particular bothered me:

Some members of the House and Senate, looking ahead to off-year elections next November, are publicly worrying about a quagmire there. They have been staking out new positions on the war that has grown increasingly unpopular with the American public, resulted in more than 2,000 U.S. military deaths and cost more than $200 billion.

This kind of negative framing of the conflict is exactly what these Marines were talking about when they criticized the press coverage of the war. Count it as yet another “Marine Out Eight Bucks” moment (follow the link for an explanation).

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