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HBO’s Familiar Faces

Over on the new Grantland site, Andy Greenwald ponders HBO’s actor-recycling program.

I was talking about this with the missus just a couple of weeks ago: I flipped passed Treme and noticed Joanie Stubbs (i.e., Kim Dickens) from Deadwood was a member of the cast. Now, I don’t watch Treme, but I did know that two of my favorites from The Wire were on the show — detectives Bunk Moreland (Wendell Pierce) and Lester Freamon (Clarke Peters) — and so began a brief discussion of the HBO regulars, which covered most of Greenwald’s ground.

One trivial omission from Greenwald’s list of pay-channel perennials: Molly Parker, who played Alma Garrett-Ellsworth in Deadwood, has also appeared as Nucky Thompson’s dead wife on Boardwalk Empire (if only in a picture).


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