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From today’s WSJ:

GE to Obtain Stem Cells From Geron For Research

An excerpt:

Biotech company Geron Corp. agreed to provide stem cells to General Electric Co.’s GE Healthcare for use in tools that will test for the toxic effects of drug treatments, a move that takes GE further into stem-cell research.

The agreement marks the first time that a company of GE’s stature and size has announced a business venture involving the controversial field of embryonic stem cells. That could reflect a more tolerant climate for the technology in the wake of the Obama administration’s recent relaxation of restrictions on embryonic stem-cell research.

It also means that GE has a built-in media arm through the Obama surrogates at its MSDNC division.

Given GE’s interest in the smart-grid, alternative energy, and now stem cells, I think MSNBC should have a disclaimer on how parent company GE might benefit from whatever Obama proposal the talking heads are heralding at the time.


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