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Headline Doesn’t Match Story

This is a great headline over a great lead:

Pack of cigarettes ignites 200-person ruckus at Fort Myers gas station
A 200-person melee at a Fort Myers gas station early Monday morning started over a pack of cigarettes, according to Lee Sheriff’s deputy Erik Hurd.

Too bad the story is completely different:

Six people, including two teenagers, were arrested in connection with the incident, in which the large crowd gathered to watch as at least five females and one male were using sticks, pipes and other blunt objects to strike a vehicle in the Racetrac Gas Station parking lot on South Pointe Boulevard around 1 a.m. Monday.

Memo to reporter: A six-person fight in front of a crowd of 200 isn’t a 200-person fight; otherwise the Super Bowl would be a game with a couple million players. But it isn’t.


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