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Headlines That Say More Than They Mean To

Media-wise, it’s a landslide for Obama

What the headline means to say is that Obama has deployed the superior media strategy. But the media love for Obama in this piece is evident as always. Here’s Aaron Cohen, an executive at Horizon Media:

It goes back to the last Bush versus Kerry election. They did a pretty slanderous job on Kerry, so you could say it has an effect, but it really appeals to the lowest level of politics in my opinion. For the intelligent voter I believe it really has to be rejected because most of those attacks are not based on truth but hearsay or conjured-up fact.

Slanderous? And here’s the same guy on Obama’s fund-raising:

This has been extraordinary, having raised more than twice as much as any other presidential candidate in history. So this was going to be a total blast.

I don’t know what the final tallies will show, but if what the papers this morning are saying is correct and Obama raised $150 million [last month], it’s just an indication of how desperate some people in this country are to support the idea of change.

I took a look at who Mr. Cohen’s clients are. It’s worth noting that when you buy a Honda from a member of the Southern California Honda Dealerships Association, or a video game from Vivendi, or a burger from Jack in the Box, when you buy GEICO insurance or use ESPN’s fantasy-football league service, you’re putting a few bucks into the pockets of these Democratic cheerleaders. And, since we know the “intelligent voter” wouldn’t have any interest in, say, Senator Kerry’s war record, or Senator Obama’s friendship with a terrorist from a group that bombed the Pentagon, Mr. Cohen thinks you’re dumb, too.


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