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Hero’s Mom: Media Only Recognize One Parent’s Moral Authority

Debbie Argel Bastion, the mother of the late USAF Captain Derek Argel, spoke to Neil Cavuto today about her recent trip to Iraq as part of military outreach for the organization Move America Forward. Cavuto asked her about Cindy Sheehan:

Gold Star Mom

CAVUTO: Contrast what you have been going through to the attention given Cindy Sheehan, who also lost a son over there. What do you think?
ARGEL BASTION: Well, we have gotten very little attention. At times I can tell you that most of the Gold Star parents feel like the media only recognizes one parent with absolute moral authority. And we are completely in the opposite direction.

Argel Bastion also reported on her conversations with the troops, whom she described as dedicated to completing the mission and convinced of its importance to America’s national security.
Video here.