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Hezbollah “Martyrs” in the NYT

The NYT’s Hassan “Wrong Man” Fattah (nickname shamelessly stolen from Mediacrity) is showing his true colors again:

Just a week ago, Tyre was an idyllic seaside town on the Mediterranean Sea, a fledgling tourist spot with everything from scuba diving to fishing cruises, populated by a mixture of Christians and Shiite Muslims.
Posters herald a concert by Nancy Ajram, one of the hottest pop singers in the Arab world. But this town is also the gateway to Hezbollah country, where Hezbollah controls everything from local administration and schools to security. Hezbollah has its footprint everywhere here, from its signature yellow banners to portraits celebrating fallen martyrs.

Would that include the “martyrs” who killed themselves along with 241 U.S. military personnel in 1983? The ones who murdered 17 Americans when they blew up the U.S. Embassy in Beirut the following year? Not to mention the countless Israeli civilians Hezbollah “martyrs” have blown to pieces?
Glorifying jihad: It’s not just for photographers anymore.


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