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Hillary Takes the Blame for Benghazi

We finally have an adult stand-up and take responsibility for what’s obvious to everyone was a huge security failure. Unfortunately, that leadership we crave as a country came from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

I tweeted last night that I thought Hillary’s statement made the president look weak. Dana Perino tweeted back that she agreed with me. (Note to self: cut down on the stupid tweets if “real” people are following you.)

There’s a lot of chatter about who is most affected by this. Has Hillary thrown the president under the bus, or she about to get run over? I’ve heard both sides. 

And I really can’t tell. Hillary could have delayed this statement by a day, after tonight’s debate. She’s given Romney his gotcha moment of, “If Hillary is responsible for what happened at Benghazi, why is she still Secretary of State? And why are the intelligence people who were so wrong still employed?”

But then, this morning, Bill Clinton sent out a fundraising e-mail for Team Obama.

Of course, this isn’t over for the president as the next questions are why did it take so long to get the FBI to the diplomatic mission and when are we going to respond to having our ambassador assassinated?

Maybe the president can call Hillary at 3 a.m. and get her advice.


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