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Hillary’s G-Droppin’

Richard Stern, writing at The New Republic’s blog, dissects Hillary’s code-shifting, specifically her tendency to abbreviate gerunds and participles when addressing proles important primary constituencies. He asks:

Why isn’t it noticed, or, if noticed, not commented upon? At least in her Ohio and Texas talks, Hillary Clinton drops the final “G” from the “ing” words (participles, gerunds)–an annoyance, especially to those who’ve heard her talking to other people and groups where not one “G” is dropped and she sounds like the young woman who gave a famous Wellesley College commencement address, was one of America’s 100 most successful lawyers, was first lady of Arkansas and the United States, and has been a successful U.S. senator from New York State for eight years.

Does no one remember her “prayin’ woman” schtick?


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