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Hitchens Corrects O’Donnell on Iran

Introducing a segment on Hardball tonight, guest host Norah O’Donnell said, “Today marked the deadline for Iran to halt enrichment of uranium. Now the United States is pursuing sanctions against Iran. Is the U.S. gearing up for another conflict with a Middle East country?”

The first up to answer was Christopher Hitchens, who corrected O’Donnell’s characterization of the conflict:

HITCHENS: Well, first, it’s Iran that’s gearing up for a new conflict with the United States, if I could just correct your intro. I know you won’t mind that.*
O’DONNELL: Not at all, my dear.

Hitchens then laid out the case against Iran, discussed the S-word and the C-word with the Washington Post’s Peter Baker, and said, “My God,” when O’Donnell abruptly cut him off to introduce Tucker.
Then he gave everyone the finger.
It’s all true, except that last part.
Video here.
* CORRECTION: Originally said, “I know you weren’t behind that.” Thanks to MB reader James D., who gave the video a careful listen and discovered I’d gotten the transcription wrong. My apologies.


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