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Hoekstra: Whistle-blower Protections Important in Fight Against Leaks

If you appreciate irony, you’ll be interested to know who wrote the story in which the following quote appears:

Regarding the leaks of classified information, Mr. Hoekstra said at a hearing on May 26 that he thought that there should be strong protections for intelligence agency whistle-blowers who bring their concerns to Congress, reducing the risk of leaks to the news media.
“We need to make sure the whistle-blower process is an open door,” Mr. Hoekstra said at the hearing. Otherwise, he said, when intelligence officers see something they believe to be illegal or unwise, “they just go, ‘Well, I’ll just go to the press.’ “

Give up? It was Eric Lichtblau of the New York Times, co-author of the stories that exposed both the NSA Terrorist Surveillance Program and the Terrorist Finance Tracking Program (Swift). The quote appeared in a follow-up story about Rep. Peter Hoekstra’s letter to President Bush.


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