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Honesty From CNN

Roland Martin of CNN admits that O.J. is the MSM’s cash-cow:

That’s right. You. It’s you, America. You buy the books about O.J. You watch these TV shows that go wall-to-wall O.J. You buy the magazines that feature him on the cover. And yes, we in the media churn this stuff out like clockwork. We are all rolling around in the slime of celebrity justice.
People need to stop with their high and mighty attitude and own up to the fact that we love to scream on the roller coaster O.J. takes us on and that includes my friends in media. He is a riot, always getting into trouble, and we love nothing more than watching another fool make a mess out of his life.
So, let the games begin. Let’s pop some popcorn, grab some snacks, and watch another wild and crazy trial. Sure, this isn’t a double-murder trial. But we’ll go through every detail of that trial. Someone will drag Kato Kaelin out from under a rock — likely someone else’s — that he’s been living under. Maybe that barking dog will be interviewed on a cable TV show.
Enough with our pretend indignation. We might as well own up to the reality that we can’t get enough of O.J. Simpson. So let’s enjoy him as long as he’s here to kick around … and make a buck off of.

Roland, speak for yourelf. The coverage and hype is part of the joke, not just O.J.’s antics.

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