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Hot Air Acquired by Salem?

Mediate reports that Michelle Malkin’s influential conservative website has been purchased by Salem Communications (current home to Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved, Dennis Prager, Townhall, and others).  Like many on the Right, I find Hot Air to be an indispensable resource — Ed and Allahpundit do excellent work and thrive in the site’s entertaining, accessible and informative format.  Unlike many, I happen to work for Salem.  I’ve spoken to a number of the people involved on both sides of the reported deal, and I’m unable to confirm or deny any details of the story at this point, but if the deal is indeed confirmed tomorrow, I will be delighted to welcome Ed, AP, and the Hot Air community to the Salem family.

Hot Air has a teaser comment thread up now, and will post a formal announcement tomorrow.


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