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How Do We Send a Message?

MB reader Barb H. wrote on Monday, Nov. 21, with the question that puzzles all of us who critique the media over and over, yet rarely see any meaningful change:

First, I want to tell you how much I enjoy your blog as well as your recent article on NR digital specific to Chris Matthews. My question is whether you have any advice how best to ’send a message’ to the MSM, people like Katie Couric, Chris Matthews and the like, to influence any sort of change at all in their reporting. I know that changing deep-rooted beliefs/mind-sets is almost impossible, but you can’t change anything unless you try. My frustration is that I don’t know where to start. Do you send a generic e-mail via the ‘contact us’ link on a website? Do you write a handwritten letter? What makes them nervous?
What would have the best chance of actually making someone, anyone in a position of power within those organizations, stop and think that maybe, just maybe, they really aren’t supporting our troops — that they really are hurting this country?

I know the work you do on your blog holds them accountable, just wondering if there is anything the common reader can do to help support change.

These are great questions, Barb. I don


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