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How Much Sex Advice Does One Need?

As part of the wave of Washington Post buyout-takers, Peter Carlson writes his last column in today’s paper about twelve years of decoding and promoting magazine journalism for the Style section. He seemed to have a little wit in describing some of the eternal verities of the magazine business:

In the last 12 years, there have been many changes in magazines, but some things never change. For instance, Cosmopolitan and Glamour keep running sex tips and discovering hitherto unknown sex acts pretty much every month. For all those years, I have assiduously studied approximately 2,638,419 sex advice articles, and I believe I can now boil down all their wisdom into two simple rules:
1) Insert tab A into slot B.
2) Season to taste.

Actually, that sounds like a combination of a cookbook and cabinet-construction directions, but you get the point. He also mentioned NR, recalling a story headlined “Is Sex Still Sexy”?

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