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How to sell Iraq War Movies to a US Audience

From today’s Times on how to sell the Iraq war film, “The Lucky Ones,” to an audience that does not want to see Iraq war films:

Nearly six months later, however, the filmmakers are getting antsy. In interviews Mr. Burger and one of his producers, Rick Schwartz, said that Lionsgate seemed paralyzed — unsure how to position “The Lucky Ones” or how to contend with the undeniable fact that moviegoers have shown no appetite for movies about the war.
“They want a hit as much as we want a hit, obviously,” Mr. Schwartz said of Lionsgate executives. “But that begs a whole host of questions. What should we do with this one? Do you do a trailer that’s more light and comedic that hides the fact that it’s really about three soldiers, or do you try to stay as true to the spirit of the film as possible?”

Good idea. Lie to the audience.


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