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Howard Kurtz On Chris Matthews

From a Kurtz/Washington Post Q&A on Monday:

Atlanta, GA: Howard,
I swear, I think you are avoiding my question! Over the last month or so, Chris Matthews has been – how can I put this? – sexually harassing female guests! He told one guest to “move closer to the camera so I can get a better look at you.” He was so over-complimentary, to the point of fawning, over Laura Ingraham, you could even see that she was uncomforable. Is Chris having a mid-life crisis? Going through a divorce? What?
Howard Kurtz: I wrote about the incident involving Erin Burnett in my recent profile of her. Chris Matthews is an exuberant fellow. Whether he went too far or was just joking around (or both) is up to viewers to decide. But I don’t think we can brand it sexual harassment when he was in Washington and she was in New York.

I guess this means that men can say whatever they want to female subordinates as long as they are in different cities.


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