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The Huffington Post is Lauching a Comedy “Vertical”

Via Media Bistro, Conde Nast reports:

Arianna Huffington, editor in chief of The Huffington Post said: “After a successful first year as a stand-alone comedy site we are excited to bring 23/6 into The Huffington Post as we launch our comedy vertical. We look forward to creating a section that serves not only as a one-stop-shop for humor with a satirical take on the news but a spirited community for all comedy lovers.”

Whenever I read a post by Alec Baldwin on the HuffPo, I pretend it’s Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock who is writing, and then I find the post pretty funny. But not so much all of the stuff on 23/6.  I can’t imagine Media Blog readers will find the expanded comedy vertical very entertaining.


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