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Hume: “No Evidence” for Cover-Up

Expose the Left is taking a look at how MSNBC liberals are floating the conspiracy theory that Cheney was drunk when he accidentally shot his hunting partner and the White House tried to cover it up. Here’s the theory as summed up by liberal blogger Kevin Drum:

Cheney’s party had been drinking. Maybe Jack Daniels, maybe a few beers. So Cheney has a bit of a buzz, it’s near sunset, and Harry Whittington has dropped behind the main hunting party. Suddenly, a covey of quail flushes and Cheney wheels around to track them. Unfortunately, Whittington comes into his line of fire, no more than 30 feet away by the looks of his subsequent injuries, but the sun is in Cheney’s eyes and his reflexes are dulled from alcohol, so he pulls the trigger anyway.

An interview with a sheriff

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