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I’m Not Sure How Glenn Beck Can Recover From This

Caution: Do not have anything in your mouth that you might spit out while laughing if you continue reading.

From the Washington Post’s “On Faith” blog:

Beginning at 9 a.m. Wednesday morning, and for the following 24 hours, the Jewish Funds for Justice plans to tweet the heck out of Glenn Beck.

The social justice group plans to unleash a “Twitterstorm” on the Fox News host to protest his recent remarks mocking the faith-based idea of “social justice.” JFSJ has collected more than 1,500 haikus (Haik U Beck, they call it) mocking Beck.

The group plans to start tweeting the verses to Beck’s personal Twitter account, one every minute, “to confront Glenn Beck about his bizarre and incongruous opinion that there is no place for social and economic justice in religion.”


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