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Ingenious Promotional Gambit from HBO

Vote like a Floridian before watching Recount:

Vote like a Floridian

To promote its movie, HBO got its hands  on a few of the actual Votomatic Florida voting machines used in the controversial 2000  presidential election, complete with butterfly ballots and hanging chads. The cable network is making a dozen of  them available for residents in Los Angeles  and New York to try their hand at voting,  Florida-style, tomorrow. But hey, HBO! What about D.C.?! How  about a little love? We’d like to hang some  chads of our own. We’ll just have to settle for trying to crash Frank Luntz’s house: Amidst his vast collections of pop-culture and political memorabilia, the pollster and message guru has  a punch-card voting booth from Florida,  signed by none other than Katherine Harris. 


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