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Israel Responds to Moral Equivalency Arguments

This SPIEGEL interview with Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni is a must read (h/t Drudge).

SPIEGEL: How do you react to the massive international criticism of the many innocent victims?
Livni: I very much regret the civilian victims. But there is a very significant difference between us and our enemies: we are defending ourselves against anyone who attacks us and use every means possible to prevent hitting civilians. The Hezbollah, however, intentionally aims its weapons at the houses of uninvolved citizens, at women and children. Israel only attacks areas where, according to our knowledge, there are terrorists. The problem is that the Hezbollah hides some of its weapons in apartment houses.
SPIEGEL: Does that justify the growing number of civilians that have been killed?
Livni: As the government of the state of Israel we are faced with a dilemma: do we expose our citizens to this threat or do we attack? Incidentally, we are doing something that no other country would do — we warn the people using Lebanese television, radio and flyers that we spread over the affected areas. We ask the people to leave their homes and get themselves to safety. […]
SPIEGEL: The complicated political situation in Lebanon makes the Lebanese government extremely weak. How can they be held fully responsible for Hezbollah’s violent acts under these conditions?
Livni: Whether weak or strong, a government carries the responsibility for whatever happens within its country. We are currently considering the question of whether we must strengthen the Lebanese government from the outside so that it would be able to fulfill its responsibilities.

Some media outlets, in an attempt to appear unbiased, usually try to equate Israel’s responses with Hezbollah’s actions. In this interview, however, every attempt at drawing such moral equivalency is quickly refuted with sound reasons and logical arguments.

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