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Is it Possible for John Edwards to Flip-Flop on the Cost of Tangerines?

NY Times Op-Ed Columnist Gail Collins catches John Edwards being for an increase in the price of citrus fruit to fight global warming right before he was against an increase in the price of citrus fruit to fight global warming (Times Select required):

Which brings us back to the question of whether John Edwards is capable of admitting that his plan to end global warming — to save the planet — might require some American sacrifice on, say, the tangerine front.
“It does have a cost impact. No question about it,” the candidate said at the end of the day, as his car bounced along to the airport.
Elizabeth Edwards joined in, pointing out that if produce that was shipped and trucked from far away got more expensive it would create incentives for people to buy locally grown fruits and vegetables. “I think that’s a good thing,” she said
“And she likes tangerines,” her husband laughed.
And the sun shone brightly on the tarmac as John Edwards, having said something candid, flew off into the horizon.
Yesterday morning, a spokesman for the Edwards campaign called to clarify his position. The global warming program would not require families to pay more for everyday products, he said. “We are optimistic we will not have to raise the price of tangerines.”


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