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Jeri Thompson vs. David Brooks

American Spectator:

While putting fresh newspaper in the birdcage this morning, I couldn’t help but notice the New York Times column from David Brooks, who takes a potshot at conservative radio hosts who boosted presidential candidates, including Fred Thompson. When not taste-tasting the latest latte flavors at exurban malls, Brooks can be found on PBS doing his best imitation of David Gergen.   

Brooks belittles “lazy pundits,” of which he may be counted. How else to explain his attempt to portray conservatives as the entire Republican Party, or his seeming lack of understanding of the role individuals like Rush, Sean and Mark Levin play within the conservative movement?

It may be that Rush or Mark Levin, or now Fred, for that matter, endorse or encourage support for a particular cause, but conservatives, particularly grassroots conservatives, are independent thinkers. They do not simply walk in lock step with their radio overlords, unlike pundits in Washington who enjoy getting a call from the Obama White House and touting The One at every turn. 

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