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The Jews Brought Down Spitzer

You knew this was coming.  From the Arab News:

Here is where it gets interesting. According to the Jewish Chronicle: “The Spitzer affair also had an Israeli angle. According to court records, Mark Brener, the alleged leader of the ‘The Emperor’s Club’ prostitution ring, held an Israeli passport. Brener was said by his attorney to have been a US citizen for the past 20 years.”
The Chronicle then adds that Spitzer “spearheaded the 2004 investigation into financial misconduct in the World Jewish Congress, publishing a damning report about WJC mismanagement and unregistered payments to senior officials. The investigation led to a deal which barred then WJC Executive Director Israel Singer from being in charge of its finances.” Singer was later fired.
Now Internet journalists are suggesting that Spitzer may have been targeted. says “Spitzer took on Wall Street like no other attorney general before him… His targets in the past have included everyone from big Wall Street investment banks and the $7.5 trillion mutual fund industry to polluting power plants and supermarket chains that underpaid delivery workers.”

Wayne Madsen says Emperor’s Club VIP, the prostitution firm that entangled Spitzer in a call girl ring, is viewed by US intelligence as a front for Israel’s intelligence agency, the Mossad.
“The sources claim that Spitzer was ‘outed’ for his aggressiveness in attacking money launderers connected to Russian-Israeli organized crime syndicates and other Wall Street malfeasance.”


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