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Jimmy Carter and the Case of the Cribbed Cartography

Former U.S. Middle East envoy Dennis Ross on Fox News this morning:

Q: Did Jimmy Carter, in his new book, appropriate some of your work without attribution?
ROSS: The maps that are in his book, it certainly appears as if they were taken from my book. Those maps are maps that I created. They didn’t exist. The fact is, when we did the Clinton ideas, when we did Camp David, we presented ideas, percentages, criteria. After the fact, I created maps based on that, and he’s used maps that look they’ve been drawn from my book without attribution.

Jim Hoft has pictures of Ross’s maps here. Media Blog has a copy of the Carter book (don’t ask), so we’re looking into the similarities. Stay tuned.
UPDATE: Here are the Ross and Carter maps, side by side:

 Ross map (via JH)  Carter map from p. 148 of P:PNA
 Ross Map  Carter Map

They look almost identical.
UPDATE II: You can view the second disputed Carter map here, and compare it to other Ross maps at Gateway Pundit. It’s not as clear cut as the first case, but there are a lot of similarities.

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