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Joe Biden “The Amtrak Senator”

Newsbusters caught this gem where MSDNC’s Mike Barnicle gushes over Joe Biden as the regular-joe commuter:

On Wednesday’s “Today,” frequent MSNBC contributor Mike Barnicle filed a fawning, credulous report on ”Amtrak Senator” Joe Biden and his daily habit of taking the train home from Washington D.C. after completing his duties in the U.S. Senate. Barnicle, who accompanied Biden during one of these trips back to Delaware, seemed to be repeating talking points when he touted how the journey keeps the politician grounded: “The train ride also had another benefit: Keeping him in touch with real people and his working class Irish Catholic roots.”

Joe Biden took office on January 3, 1973 and, I assume, started commuting then. It should be noted that John McCain was released from the Vietnamese P.O.W. camp on March 14, 1973, five and a half years after he was shot down commuting to work.
All commutes are not, as they say, created equal. 

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