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Joe Scarborough vs. the 1st and 2nd Amendments

Joe Scarborough declared this morning on MSNBC that Newtown has changed his thinking on guns. Video here. An excerpt:

“I knew that day that the ideologies of my past career were no longer relevant to the future that I want, that I demand for my children. Friday changed everything. It must change everything. We all must begin anew and demand that Washington’s old way of doing business is no longer acceptable. Entertainment moguls don’t have an absolute right to glorify murder while spreading mayhem in young minds across America. And our Bill of Rights does not guarantee gun manufacturers the absolute right to sell military-style, high-caliber, semi-automatic combat assault rifles with high-capacity magazines to whoever the hell they want.

It is time for Congress to put children before deadly dogmas. It’s time for politicians to start focusing more on protecting our schoolyards than putting together their next fundraiser. It’s time for Washington to stop trying to win endless wars overseas when we’re losing the war at home … For the sake of my four children and yours, I choose life and I choose change.”

Great. Not only does Scarborough think we need new gun laws, but censorship as well? Since Comcast owns NBC, maybe Scarborough can voice his distaste that a great percentage of his paycheck comes from broadcasting the very movies he now feels are culpable in Friday’s massacre.

But why — all of a sudden — does Newtown change Scarborough thinking? Scarborough was in Congress from 1995 until 2001. The Columbine killings happened in 1999. That didn’t change his mind? The shooting of Rep. Giffords in 2011 didn’t change his mind? The Aurora, Colo. and Oak Creek, Wis. killings this year didn’t change his mind?

If Scarborough wants to change sides, fine with me. But is there any evidence movies played a part in Lanza’s attack? No. And it’s reported Lanza stole the guns from his mother, who unless more information comes to light, would have passed even the most extreme of background checks. Even if Lanza’s mother didn’t have the AR-15, Lanza would have killed just as many kids with the pistols he took.

I’m all for a conversation on guns, but the “do something” caucus has yet to propose a single idea that would have prevented yesterday. But I’m listening.


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