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“John McCain is the Right Choice for Women”

Carly Fiorina in today’s Denver Post:

I truly believe that John McCain will be a champion for women-for their rights, freedoms, opportunities and for the issues that matter deeply to us. It is one of the reasons that I took a deep breath, stepped forward, and for the first time in my life publicly endorsed and campaigned on behalf of a political candidate.
I know his principles, his values, and I know his courageous record of speaking out even when it could be unpopular. Just one example: John McCain was one of the first people to condemn the sexual misconduct that occurred at the Navy’s Tailhook Convention in 1991.
McCain took to the U.S. Senate floor and called for an investigation after Lt. Paula Coughlin spent several hours in his office telling him what had happened. Taking the Navy to task wasn’t easy for this Naval officer, but it was the right thing to do. And that is what true leadership is about.
When it comes to political discourse, John McCain doesn’t marginalize “women’s issues” and he doesn’t patronize women by assuming our only issues are about reproduction. He knows that women care deeply about many issues, and he addresses them head on and with straight talk.
Roe v. Wade should not hold women hostage to a political party or particular candidate. While I am pro-life, I know both pro-choice and pro-life women who are pro-McCain. And that is because, in this election, a great deal is at stake that is core to women and our families.


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