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John Oliver Skewers Chris Matthews

Here’s a hilarious Daily Show clip where guest-host John Oliver goes after Chris Matthews for predicting that Rand Paul will win the 2016 GOP nomination:

And in other Chris Matthews news, he has lost his 5 p.m. slot on MSNBC to ratings-powerhouse Ed Schultz:

MSNBC is changing up its weekday lineup in a significant way, moving Ed Schultz from weekends back to weekdays.

Schultz will take over the 5 PM weekday slot starting next Monday, while Chris Matthews‘  ”Hardball” will now air only once per day at 7 PM. Before, “Hardball” aired at 5 PM, with a replay at 7 PM.

“Chris and the ‘Hardball’ team have been the cornerstone of our evening lineup, pulling double duty for us at both 5p and 7p for years,” wrote MSNBC president Phil Griffin in a note to staff obtained by TVNewser. “This move will help us enhance the flow of our weeknight programming and concentrate Chris’ audience to one key time period. And this allows us to bring Ed’s powerful voice back to the Monday-Friday schedule. Ed connects with our viewers and I’m happy to have him back five nights a week. I’ve been thinking about making this change for quite a while and I know now is the right time with the right shows.”

Being a TV pundit is what Chris Matthews does for a living – just for an hour less a day, it seems.



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