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John Tierney Update

Ever wonder what happened to John Tierney after he left the NY Times Op-Ed page?  Would you believe he’s counting the ways people have sex?

July 30, 2007,  9:07 pm

The 238th Reason for Having Sex — or Any Reason for Saying No

Let the search begin for Reason 238. Here’s your chance to add to the 237 reasons to have sex, the list that I write about in my Findings column. Before nominating a motive that caused you to have sex in the past, you might check out the list of reasons that have already been catalogued in the new paper by Cindy Meston and David Buss of the University of Texas at Austin.

You’re also invited to report reasons that caused you not to have sex in the past. Dr. Buss and Dr. Meston are working on a new list of reasons to say no. You can participate in their survey by filling out an online questionnaire, or you can just post your reasons here at TierneyLab.

Dr. Buss has promised to consider all the reasons pro and con, including several nominations that I’ve already made to him. I’d welcome support for these nominations from any readers who can vouch for them from personal experience, especially the rationales from two 17th-century poets I quote in the column, Robert Herrick and Andrew Marvell. Their exhortations for youthful passion are literary classics, but has anyone — particularly any woman — really been swayed by these reasons? <a href="″>Read more …

Paul Krugman was offered this gig, but concluded nobody wanted to have sex anymore because of the Bush tax cuts and thought it would be a waste of time.


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