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Journalist Dragging at the Olympics

As a warm-up to the big event this August, Beijing police are getting in a few practice runs for the highly competitive journalist-dragging competition:

DUJIANGYAN, China (AP) — Chinese police dragged away more than 100 parents Tuesday while they were protesting the deaths of their children in poorly constructed schools that collapsed in last month’s earthquake.
The parents, many holding pictures of their children, were pulled down the street away from a courthouse in Dujiangyan, a resort city northwest of the Sichuan provincial capital of Chengdu.  […]
An Associated Press reporter and two photographers covering the protest were dragged by the arms up the steps into the courthouse by police trying to prevent them from seeing the demonstration. They were held inside, along with two Japanese reporters, and questioned for a half-hour before being let go, after the protesters had been moved away.

Go for the gold, China! 


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