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Journalist, Heal Thyself

From the Philadelphia Inquirer’s March 19 editorial:

… corporate executives who run their companies into the ground should pay dearly for their greed, ineptness and incompetence.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer’s creditors, in bankruptcy proceedings:

“Since the debtors’ acquisition in June 2006, the debtors have not produced a financial forecast that it has attained, much less exceeded.Specifically, despite revising its business plan twice during 2008, the debtors were not able to closely project 2008 annual results. Indeed, the forecasts produced in late December 2007 and March 2008 were so badly missed that they exceeded a negative variance of 40 percent. After the 2008 forecast completions were missed, the EBITDA for the immediate months following were also missed, demonstrating that management was incapable of projecting their businesses in the very short term.”

I don’t know about greed, but I do think the Inquirer should pay for its ineptness, and should pay dearly indeed for incubating the career of that Marley & Me guy.


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