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Judgment Day For David Shuster?

The HuffPo reports:

David Shuster may be about to find out what “punished appropriately” feels like.

When news broke that the MSNBC anchor had filmed a CNN pilot, the network did not immediately comment; spokesman Jeremy Gaines would later say that, if the report turned out to be true, Shuster would be “punished appropriately.”

After not appearing on-air Friday, Shuster may be off-air indefinitely, according to TVNewser’s Gail Shister.

Shister reports that MSNBC President Phil Griffin “ripped Shuster a new one over the phone” and that “a repeat performance is expected [Monday] in the office.” She adds that Shuster will not appear on-air Monday and may not appear on the network again. His contract reportedly expires this year.

And if CNN does hire him, good luck to the folks in Atlanta. No way Shuster helps CNN’s ratings.

For more on CNN’ woes, see Ross Douthat, via today’s Web Briefing.


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