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Kansas Mad at Keith Olbermann

Over a parking lot?

In mocking the anti-tax “tea party” movement, MSNBC “Countdown” host Keith Olbermann smeared the parking lot at Lawrence Dumont Stadium, where the “Tea Party Express” bus tour is scheduled to make a stop Nov. 4.

This from Olbermann’s Wednesday night broadcast:

“Tea Party Express II launches this weekend, coming to 38 cities according to its press release; 37 on their Web site — Oh well.

“Previous tea parties so successful they now have to hold them in such venues as Wichita’s Lawrence Dumont Stadium (pause) parking lot.”

Note to Mr. Olbermann:


As a national sports broadcaster, you should be aware that the parking lot at Lawrence Dumont Stadium — home of the mighty Wichita Wingnuts — is one of the premier parking venues in unaffiliated minor league baseball.

It’s paved and striped and even has lights to help you find your car at night.

With the stadium’s narrow concourses and incessant wind, the LD parking lot is one of the finest places in America to shag foul balls.

In fact, we like it so well that we’re going to park there and shuttle to our new $205 million arena nearly a mile away.

Admittedly, we may be a bit backward out here in flyover country. When the need arises to park a bus, we usually do that in a parking lot.

Where do you put buses in Rockefeller Center?


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