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‘Keating 5’ Facts

Predictably, the mainstream media is cheerfully rolling out the Obama campaign talking points regarding John McCain’s involvement in the 1980s ’Keating Five’ scandal.  To cut through the huffing and puffing over an issue that Obama himself called “not germane,” it may be helpful to recall a revealing interview  that aired on Fox’s Hannity & Colmes this past February.


Robert Bennett, a Democrat who investigated the Keating Five affair for the Senate Ethics Committee, explained why this is a non-story:


“I investigated John McCain for a year and a half…and if there is one thing I am absolutely confident of, it is John McCain is an honest man.  I recommended to the Senate Ethics Committee that he be cut out of the case, and there was no evidence against him.”


And–for the umpteenth time–McCain was exonerated by the Democrat-led investigation. 


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