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Keith Olbermann Now in Charge of NBC’s Regular Shows?

Rosie to host an NBC variety show?  Fox News:

I told you back on July 28, and now it’s being announced officially: Rosie O’Donnell is the new Ed Sullivan.
Rosie is getting her own live-from-New York variety show on NBC, with a test segment set to air on Nov. 26, the night before Thanksgiving.
After that, expect a launch soon after — probably February — and more likely on Sundays than Wednesdays. Part of the idea is to do the show from a Broadway theater. On Sundays, most of those shows are “dark” or closed.
“Rosie’s Variety Show” will air at 8 p.m., so O’Donnell will have to watch it with certain kinds of material. In order for this project to work — and I think it will, amazingly well — she’s got to observe the “family hour.” Kids will be watching. Her own kids will be in the audience. Blue material will be verboten.


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