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Keith Olbermann Quits Bill O’Reilly?

Not really.  After saying that Fox News incites murder, he announced to his loyal listeners that he’ll no longer mock Bill O’Reilly:

If there is a solution, it is perhaps an indirect boycott.  It is probably your experience, as it has been mine, that stores, bars, restaurants, waiting rooms often show Fox News on their televisions.  Don‘t write a letter, don‘t make a threat, just get up and explain, if they will not change the channel, leave the place and say calmly why it is you are taking your business elsewhere.  If you know a viewer of that channel, show them this tape, or just the tape of the attacks on Dr. Tiller that set the stage for his assassination. 

Fox News Channel will never restrain itself from incitement to murder and terrorism, not until its profits begin to decline, when its growth stops.  So not so much a boycott here as a quarantine, because this has got to stop. 

That I have a commercial conflict of interest here is obvious.  So I‘ll make the first symbolic contribution to this quarantine.  One of my pleasures, obviously, is constantly criticizing him in that Ted Baxter voice.  It is the idea of laughter as a social sanction against inflexible behavior. 

But this is no time for laughter.  This is serious.  Serious as death.  As serious as George Tiller‘s death.  So as of this show‘s end, I will retire the name, the photograph, and the caricature.  The words may still be quoted in the future as developments dictate.  The goal here is to get this blindly irresponsible man and his ilk off the air. 

That means, O’Reilly will still be on Worst Person in the World, Olbermann just won’t use a funny voice when announcing it.


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