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Keith Olbermannn’s War on Rhetoric

Still convinced that it’s the rhetoric that’s the problem in American politics, Keith Olbermann is now calling out President Obama for not distancing himself from past metaphors, like when President Obama suggested you bring a gun to a knife fight. An excerpt from Olbmerann’s latest “Special Comment”:

To date, only one commentator or politician has expressed the slightest introspection, the slightest self-awareness, the slightest remorse, the slightest ownership, of the existence of the fantasy dream cloud of violent language by which we are now nearly blinded.

“Our political discourse,” John McCain wrote in an otherwise steaming serving of Washington Post Op-Ed partisan flab, “should be more civil than it currently is, and we all, myself included, bear some responsibility for it not being so.”

That’s it.

One individual assumed any personal responsibility for any of it, besides me: John McCain. Not Palin, not Beck. Not Limbaugh, not West. Not Kanjorski, not Malloy. Not O’Reilly, not Angle. Not Jesse Kelly, not President Obama.

It’s me and John McCain.

One, rhetoric didn’t cause Tucson. Two, who voted for Keith Olbermann to become America’s word policeman?


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