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Knowing When to Step Aside

Harvard Business School grad and American Thinker editor Thomas Lifson has a fantastic assessment of the current state of the NYT Co. under the sorry stewardship of Arthur “My Apologies” Sulzberger, Jr. He ends by quoting the NYT edit board’s recent comments on the resignation of another famous scion:

On Tuesday, the great-grandson, William Clay Ford Jr., stepped down as Ford’s chief executive and president, passing the reins to the Boeing executive Alan Mulally. Mr. Ford will stay on as chairman, but the job of running the company rests with Mr. Mulally now.
While there is plenty of doubt about whether Mr. Mulally will be able to turn around the fortunes of the automaker, Mr. Ford has passed one of the most important tests of leadership: knowing when to step aside. By most accounts, the outgoing chief executive had far more on his plate than he could handle in the midst of a restructuring that could save — or finish — the company.
Too many milestones at Ford have been negative recently….

Read it all. (h/t Larwyn)