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LA Times Coverage of the China Earthquake

Here’s the headline:

Amid the tragedy lies opportunity

With up to 25,000 dead, what exactly is this “opportunity?” Better building codes? An examination of China’s rapid growth strategy and its affect on the people? Nah…

BEIJING — On television screens around the world, images of protesting Tibetan monks and an Olympic torch doused by protesters have been replaced by footage of Chinese rescuers pulling children out of the wreckage of this week’s massive earthquake.
The country is in pain and mourning.
But the tragedy that struck Monday, and has taken more than 12,000 lives, also has given China an opportunity for a dramatic image makeover. After months of relentless coverage of Tibetan clashes and human rights abuses, the earthquake shows a new China, one that is both compassionate and competent.

Image really is everything in L.A.
I trust when the proverbial big one hits Los Angeles, the Times will have a slightly different take on the “opportunities” presented.

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