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LA Times vs. CNN

James Rainey of the LA Times goes after CNN’s Rick Sanchez for trying to tie Governor Palin to the Alaska Independence Party. An excerpt:

’Who is Todd Palin? What is his influence?” CNN’s Rick Sanchez asked urgently Tuesday afternoon, just before a commercial break. “What is his tie to AIP, the Alaskan Independence Party?”
The anchorman’s serious tone and dancing eyebrows — not to mention a “The Palins and the Fringe” banner across the bottom of the screen — suggested big surprises. Must-see TV! And all of it coming “right after the break.”

So I holstered the remote for a couple of minutes and waited to see what CNN was up to.
The answer: no good.
Rather than deliver a single revelation, the 24-hour cable news channel coughed up a reheated, overwrought and misleading story that seemed designed to yoke Sarah Palin and her husband to the most extreme secessionists in Alaska.
Yes, Todd Palin once belonged to the Alaskan Independence Party. And his wife, the governor and now Republican vice presidential nominee, has been friendly with some of its members.

And then Sanchez, apparently, really lost it:

But Sanchez and the CNN crew instead ran their report off into the underbrush, reaching a low when the anchor tried to draw a parallel between the Alaska party and the forces behind the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995.
“Not comparing them to actions [sic] but comparing them in terms of ideology, not actions but ideology, are [members of the Alaskan Independence Party] similar to the group that blew up the [Alfred P.] Murrah building?” Sanchez asked, seemingly apologetic for that stinker, even as he unleashed it.

That’s just dirty journalism, Sanchez. Worth reading the whole thing.

And here’s the Sanchez clip from CNN:

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