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Larry King Defends Barack and Barbra

San Diego radio host Mark Larson passed along to me this moment on Tuesday night’s Larry King Live. Democrat pundit Hilary Rosen was insisting John McCain looks too old and out of touch on the economy, and Kellyanne Conway was boxing back, and then the “ref” called foul:

KELLYANNE CONWAY, GOP POLLSTER: Well I find this conversation to be fascinating because here today you have John McCain before a group of workers in Youngstown, Ohio, and you had Barack Obama on the side of the little guy. Yet at a fund-raiser in California with Barbra Streisand where they’re paying $28,500 a plate.
KING: Kellyanne, that’s not fair, that was scheduled.

Someone should have whispered in Larry’s ear mike that Obama scheduled a cameo on Saturday Night Live, but then canceled it for appearances’ sake because it might look insensitive to victims of Hurricane Ike. Apparently, in Barbra’s case, the nine million bills were too important to worry about appearances. Democrats count on the media to uphold your appearances while you take the cash.

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